Green Infrastructure Analysis for the

Pine Barrens Ecoregion

of Southeastern Massachusetts

by Eric Walberg, Jennifer Shakun, Gary Parhm

This green infrastructure analysis for the Coastal Pine Barrens Ecoregion of Southeastern Massachusetts identifies a network of open space that, if protected from development and managed properly, can contribute toward meeting broad conservation goals, including:

  • Biodiversity support, particularly rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • Ecosystem service support, particularly clean air and water,
  • Human community resiliency and quality of life,
  • Minimization of tax burden associated with new urban development in hazard areas, and
  • Support of groundwater recharge.

The green infrastructure analysis is intended to provide a shared focus for regional conservation efforts
by multiple organizations working across the region.

Download the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Green Infrastructure Analysis 

This report was funded in part by a Landscape Scale Restoration grant through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.